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By Nick Dale

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Tired all the Time?

"I sleep for nine hours and get a good night's sleep so why I am exhausted when I wake up and then tired throughout the day?"

I have seen several thousand people in consultation who have come to see me with symptoms of tiredness and fatigue. The amazing thing is - contrary to popular belief that nothing can particuarly be done to help - energy and vitality can often be restored relatively easily.

Many are told to get more sleep, or take a holiday and rest, which really isn't the solution and leaves them with their work performance flagging and barely enough energy to get through the day, let alone spend quality time with family and friends.

Causes of Tiredness & Fatigue

There are really only a handful of causes for tiredness, or common, persistent and chronic fatigue. These do not include such things as major illnesses or tiredness caused by serious injuries or health issues, or pregnancy.

The most common causes come down to the following:

1) Stress

Which wears down the body's reserves and results often in low energy and vitality.

2) The nervous system

This links the body's systems and it is extremely common for this to become rundown over time for various reasons, typically resulting in the onset and gradual worsening over time of tiredness and fatigue. A rundown nervous system if untreated can lead to other conditions in the future. When the nervous system is rundown this can also contribute to depression and anxiety which can further contribute to fatigue.

3) Lymphatic congestion

Where there is a history of lymphatic congestion, such as resulting from glandular fever or tonsillitis, fatigue is a common symptom. 4) Endocrine and glandular function. This includes such essential things as thyroid, adrenals, blood sugar control and reproductive, hormonal balance. Once the cause is identified natural therapies are then applied to address the specific area. The goal of a consultation is to: Understand the causes of the symptoms you are experiencing, such as common tiredness, chronic fatigue, insomnia. Control and treat naturally the causes of low energy and vitality. Treat many associated conditions, such as poor memory, lack of motivation, muscular pains, headaches, digestive difficulties, anxiety, stress and depression. Establish healthy lifestyle guidelines, such as basic dietary steps.

Your Consultation

The goal of a consultation is to:

Understand the causes of the symptoms you are experiencing, such as tiredness, chronic fatigue, insomnia, mental tiredness, or low energy levels

From there I will recommend a program of natural medicine to designed to help control and treat naturally the causes of the symptoms you are experiencing, such as tiredness and fatigue.

I will also make recommendations for y healthy lifestyle guidelines, such as basic dietary steps.

In treating the underlying causes many clients experience improvements in other areas of their health too, which are often linked, such as poor memory, lack of motivation, muscular pains, headaches, digestive difficulties, anxiety, stress and depression.

Case Examples

Tiredness, Anxiety & Irritability

"This has been the best week I've had in three years. I haven't had any anxiety, no speeding feeling at all. I am so positive and I'm much happier. I have more energy overall."

She later wrote back saying,

"I have finished the program, I had the best month in years. Completely anxiety free, sleeping well, and very happy."

Sophie, a 34 year old mother of a two and three year old, approached us with severe anxiety and tiredness. The anxiety was diagnosed by a physician. Also she complained of poor sleep, panic attacks, extreme irritability and a feeling like she had "drunk 50 cups of coffee".

She was prescribed an antidepressant by the doctor. She also complained of irregular menstrual cycles and a general feeling of exhaustion and being completely rundown and unable to cope.

A simple program of nutritional supplements and homeopathics was prescribed. Since this she is completely anxiety free and has been able to maintain this for over a year with a very simple maintenance supplement.

Chronic Fatigue

"I'm nervous and excited at the same time as I think I'm ready to start looking for work again. Thank you for taking the time to help me, you were my last hope and I was really beginning to think there was no answer."

Matthew at the age of 32 was diagnosed with chronic fatigue by a doctor. He was very tired, achy, mentally fatigued and unable to work.

The affects penetrated every area of his life. He was very concerned when he contacted me, as he couldn't afford for the condition to continue to affect his life in this way.

He followed a three week program, which was followed up with a simple maintenance.

Low Energy Levels & High Stress

"There is good news and good news! Definitely feel brighter - lighter - and more in control. Thank you. All this with an extremely sick child for the last week with lack of sleep! Can't wait for normal times!

Do thank you enormously as doctor was trying to put me onto antidepressants - the answer for everything of course! Not sure whether its the diet, the minerals, etc, combination of both or just such personal care from you! What a combination."

She later said: "Energy scale of 7 out of 10. When we started it must have been 1. Thank you very much - a couple of weeks ago I didn't have the energy to book a holiday let alone take my two boys on my own."

Joanne, 43, mother of two young boys and a Multiple Sclerosis sufferer, wrote to us with very low energy levels and complaining of high stress levels.

Fatigue, Depression and Physical Exhaustion

"This last week I went the entire week without my medication and in fact I have not felt this good in 12 to 15 years. I feel and act that much younger and that is all very much appreciated."

Brian, 47, a senior executive in an international corporation, initially contacted me complaining of fatigue, depression and physical exhaustion. This was frustrating for Brian as he used to run 100 miles a week for exercise and found himself unable to do this at all. He was also complaining of extremely stiff muscles and feeling very low mentally.

I recommended a program for Brian that suited his specific needs. Now he has come off the medication he had been on for years and is completely renewed; this was after three weeks on the program. He is also now running as we fixed up his muscles problems as well as his tiredness.

Debilitating Tiredness Despite a Good Night's Sleep

"I have finished the remedies and still have some more of the vitamins to take. I feel much better now. I have more energy and do not feel sleepy all of the time - its great! Thank you for your help - I'll recommend your program to anybody who is feeling as drained as I was. If I need a repeat in six months time I'll let you know."

Julian, 38, an expatriate businessman, contacted me because of always being exhausted no matter how much sleep he had.

Fatigue & Headaches

"I was very tired and lethargic with quite bad headaches. I did the program, within the first two weeks I noticed my energy level had increased and I don't suffer from the headaches anymore. It worked wonders. Thank you."

Peter, a 26 year old student, presented with a lot of fatigue and very frequent headaches. He did one program and early on in the program he told me his headaches had gone and his energy levels were back to normal. He had no need to take anymore remedies after this as he was completely okay.

Low Energy Affecting Work Performance

Australia's Channel Seven ran a feature on the subject of tiredness and fatigue, focusing on the success of the programs I recommend in my handbook. This was shown on the Today Tonight show. They interviewed Philippa Collie who had successfully followed the program.

Philippa is a school teacher who had tried everything to increase her energy levels, which were extremely low and affecting her ability to function in everyday life. She described to Channel Seven the results from the program as being: "Remarkable; I'm like a changed woman."


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