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"My neighbors will back up the success of this treatment. From someone who never stayed out after 8.30-9.00pm, I have broken all records - partying until 4am. And of more importance is spending more time at night with my son."
- Janine

"This has been the best week I've had in three years. I haven't had any anxiety, no speeding feeling at all. I am so positive and I'm much happier. I have more energy overall." She later wrote back saying, "I have finished the program, I had the best month in years. Completely anxiety free, sleeping well, and very happy."
- Sophie

"So far so good with the migraines! Have had a wonderful summer where I could waterski again with no immediate migraine afterwards. Many thanks, Nick, this has made such a difference to my life. . . I've recently realized I no longer 'live in fear' of suddenly finding I have the aura at a difficult time eg school camp! may this all continue."
- Rob

"I'm nervous and excited at the same time as I think I'm ready to start looking for work again. Thank you for taking the time to help me, you were my last hope and I was really beginning to think there was no answer." - Matthew

"My son has been on your regime for 3 days - he seems far more lively and answers back a lot! He is SO high (in a happy and cheerful way) - have reduced Prozac to 0.6ml. He seems to be rather bouncy - he says he feels happier, especially at school." - Joanne

"This last week I went the entire week without my medication and in fact I have not felt this good in 12 to 15 years. I feel and act that much younger and that is all very much appreciated. - Brian

"I already have more energy & drive, with just three days on the program, than I've had in months ... maybe years!" - Jackie


















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