Incorporating fresh juices into your daily routine is an easy and enjoyable way to ensure you are having fresh, raw, unprocessed foods in your diet. Juicing helps to pre-digest the nutrients, which in turn promotes a higher absorption level. Juicing also helps you to include more vegetables into your daily diet. Juicing has broad effects across a person's health and in fact are considered remedies their own right.

A personal favourite of mine is carrot, apple and ginger as a healthy energy tonic. The ginger is also particularly useful as it is a stomach tonic to help settle upset or sensitive digestion. I recommend you drink the juices straight after you make them so as to prevent valuable nutrient loss It's best not to mix vegetable and fruits (other than apple) because of the fermentation that can occur. You don't need to follow recipes necessarily and can have fun experimenting.

Here are some of the nutritional qualities of common ingredients:

Cucumber: Kidney tonic, skin tonic.

Cabbage: Stomach repair, joint stiffness.

Beets: Blood cleanser, gall bladder and liver tonic.

Broccoli: Renowned for anticancer properties.

Blueberries: Antibacterial properties and eases digestive upsets and cystitis.

Apples: Liver tonic, gall stones.

Celery: Nerve tonic, helps to relieve joint pain, good source of potassium.

Garlic: Blood cleanser, decongestant, and antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Ginger: Circulatory and digestive tonic.

Spinach: Excellent sources of carotenoids and Vitamin C.

Pears: Good source of fibre, Vitamin C and bioflavonoids.

Wheat Grass: Super-antioxidant.

Cranberries: Flavanoids, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory, kidney cleanser.

Carrots: Blood cleanser.

I also suggest taking a good quality multivitamin, such as Tresos B as an energy booster and also as a general supplement to give your body the tools and equipment it needs on a daily basis, which I recommend to most of my clients.

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