Healthy Choices Make a Difference

With some simple healthy choices that you can easily introduce at home, by substituting unhealthy foods and drinks with a healthy alternative you can start to make a difference.

Sugar, saturated fats, processed and fried foods are part of the everday diet for so many and have negative effects ranging from depleted nutrition to clogged arteries. Simply by making a healthy choice you can greatly boost your general health and wellbeing.

Here are some suggestions:


Replace potato chips with plain popcorn, unsalted raw nuts, olives, carrot/celery sticks, bagel chips (fat-free - unfried).


Replace with dried fruits, fresh fruit, muesli bar.


Replace with frozen yogurt, frozen seedless grapes, puree fruit and freeze (no added sugar).


Replace with low sugar cordial, (avoid artificial sweetener), purified water with ice & lemon, vegetable juice. Another thing you can do is fill your glass with 10-20% pure orange juice and top up with water and ice.


Replace with herbal teas or dandelion coffee (avoid de-caffeinated).


Avoid white bread, instead have wholegrain, brown bread.


Replace with cold pressed olive oil.


Avoid all added-sugar in the diet. If you must add sugar use fruit sugar, available in health food stores or sweeten with honey.


Replace with almond or cashew spread (or you can put raw nuts in a blender). You can also have avocado as a spread, or make spreads like humus.


Replace white rice and pasta with brown or wholemeal rice and pasta.


If you have time to make things yourself rather than buying processed foods, this is always a bonus as you know exactly what you are putting into the food and can make healthy choices. For example if you are baking a cake you can bake a fruit cake with minimal fat rather than buying a premade cake in a packet at the shop which might contain the wrong fats, additives, and lots of sugar, etc.

Simply making a healthy choice can start to make quite a big difference to your general health and wellbeing - if you have any questions please let me know.

Best Wishes,

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