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Migraines and headaches are one of the most common health complaints that occur with people these days. So often we are quite happy to take a painkiller and forget about it – well why not, after all the headache or migraine is gone!

Well, the pain has gone, but what of the cause? Your head is very rarely the cause of the pain you experience, so if you ignore the cause what else could it be doing in your body and what could occur in the future if we do not control it now?

Your Body and Migraines & Headaches

The body is an engine and like any machine if it is not given the tools and equipment it needs it will break down and not work as efficiently as it ought to.

A body given poor nutrition and care will get rundown and will be more susceptible to conditions such as headaches and migraines.

Yet, many people with headaches and migraines have relatively good diets and still become rundown - this is largely due to the quality of the food we are exposed to these days, for example recent research has shown that within 24 hours of fruits and vegetables being picked they can lose up to 50% of their nutritional quality.

I have been visited by thousands of people with migraines and headaches and the amazing thing is that contrary to the popular belief that nothing can be done about migraines and headaches except to mask the pain with powerful painkillers - they can often be fixed up relatively easily.

Getting rid of your migraines or headaches does require that you understand a little bit about them.

If you are experiencing migraines and headaches there is a high probability that you have taken painkillers like Aspirin or Paracetamol. I understand why this is done as getting rid of the pain that debilitates so many is the first concern - not necessarily what is causing it or if a complex chemical reaction is occurring in your head.

The first key piece of data you need to know is that headaches and migraines are very rarely caused by the head. They are caused by other sources that affect this complicated part of the body. This is what what we will go over in your consultation.

There are causes of headaches and migraines that have their source in the mind itself - but when the body is not working properly these painful and disorientating complaints are exacerbated.

A common question is:

Painkillers kill the pain but why do I get
these headaches? What lies behind them?
What is the cause?

There are really only a handful of causes for regular headaches and migraines, which do not have serious injuries or health issues as their cause.

Common causes are:

1) Psychosomatic

2) Back and neck

3) Digestion

4) Hormonal

5) Poisoning

Determining the Cause

To determine the cause of a migraine or headache it is necessary to investigate what is happening elsewhere in the body.

For example, how is digestion? Constipated? For women: how are your monthly cycles? Irregular? Painful? Nothing at all? Even details, such as which part of the head is hurting will help isolate the cause.

One of the most common causes I find when consulting is from the digestive system. It works like this: toxins leak from an overworked or poorly working bowel into the bloodstream reentering the body and rising up to the head causing headaches, but also skin problems and sinus congestion. This is not only with constipated people, but often with people who move their bowel's at least once a day.

The causes of the bowel allowing these toxins to re-enter the body are quite numerous, but most common are:

  • Run down nervous system resulting in
    stress on the digestive system.

  • Lack of sufficient good bowel bacteria, usually
    destroyed by chemicals, antibiotics, contraceptive
    pill, and even the chemicals in our tap water.

Case Examples

In the box on the right you will find some recent stories from people who I have treated for headaches and migraines. Conditions have ranged from frequent, nagging headaches to severe migraines.

See examples in the blue box on the right.

The goal of a consultation is to:

Understand the causes of the symptoms
you are experiencing, such as headaches
and migraines.
Control and treat naturally the underlying causes and predisposition to the headaches and migraines.
Treat many associated conditions, such as digestive difficulties, low energy and vitality, hormonal imbalances, stress and depression.
Establish healthy lifestyle guidelines,
such as basic dietary steps.

Here are the main aims of this program:

Relief from migraines and headaches.
Relief from sinus headaches and sinusitis.
Long term solution to headaches and migraines by addressing the cause, with the purpose of controlling them into the future.
Relief from any associated anxiety,
depression and stress.
Relief from associated fatigue and lethargy.
An increase in general sense of well-being.

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Common Migraines

Clare was experiencing common migraines for many years and was determined to "get at the root of these migraines instead of treating symptoms." She was getting them once a week; they often lasted 24 hours with a residual feeling of fatigue and pain. She described the migraines as follows:

"Often feels like an icepick jabbing into my temple. Usually the pain switches from one side of the head to the other half way through the episode. Sometimes I don't feel the headache at first, but am extremely nauseated. This is usually the sign that one is coming."

Result after three weeks on the program:

"Haven't had a migraine since I started the program. Praise the Lord and thank you!"

Tension Headaches

Dannie had been having regular tension headaches, associated with long hours on a computer and stiffness in the neck and shoulder area. She had been getting them for several years, and while they were not debilitating they left her tired and feeling below par, which in turn affected her social life and moods. She was in her 20s and wanted to enjoy life to the full.

Result after one week:

"Before I did your program I was having constant headaches, probably every day. Within a week of doing what you suggested these completely disappeared and I feel brighter and have more energy. Thank you very much."

Classic Migraines (with Aura)

Matt was experiencing migraines with aura for about a year and a half. The aura would last 30 minutes to two hours, and started at or just outside the focal point and gradually expanding in a circle to his periphery vision. Following was a feeling of being "spent and tired" together with a dull, throbbing head pain. He would experience these migraines approximately every 10 days, and in bad cases had several a week.

Results after eight weeks:

"I am thrilled to say that I haven't had a migraine in almost two months (after having a string of 4 in as many weeks at the time I first contacted you) ... I have been amazed at the results. Not only do I not have migraines but I sleep better and have more energy during the day. I am so glad that I came across your website as I was approaching desperation on what to do next. All of the prescription drug treatments I was reading about seemed absurd - taking powerful drugs designed for some other disease that have a "secondary" effect on treating migraines. All the time I just needed to revamp my nervous system, and naturally."

Chronic Migraines

Amy, at the age of 33, had been experiencing chronic migraine pain for 17 yrs, which had reached the stage of being very difficult to control with medication.

"I have been to all doctors, clinics, tried all medicines including narcotics, still no help. Suffering daily now. I have had 50 ER visits easily this past year. Been hospitalized 8 times this past year about a week at a time and all they do is give me narcotic medicine round the clock and still can't break the pain and send me home with more narcotics for managing pain. My neurologist wants to put me on a morphine pump. I have an 11 year old and a 7 year old and a husband. I don't want to go that route, but I am so desperate for relief. "

Results after four weeks:

"Amy is doing much better. Her energy is up, her spirit is up and the frequency and intensity of her migraines have been greatly reduced thanks to you. She's only had one bad migraine since starting the program. Nick, thank you so much for all your help. "

Amy's was an extreme case that had been going on for many years. She will complete the treatment shortly and is asking now about weight loss and exercise now that she is able to focus on other things, and is ready to start a new pain-free life.

Menstrual Migraines & Headaches

Sophie had migraines and headaches that occurred about once a month and lasted for a week. These coincided with her menstrual cycle predominantly.

"I have suffered for 15 years. I never have any warning of an attack - they just come out of nowhere. I am a total witch for at least 2 days prior to menstruation, then you can pretty much guarantee a week of migraine/headaches after that. I have spent years trying homeopathic medicines, acupuncture, prescriptive drugs and I never seem to fit into a 'bracket' when I read about migraine sufferers."

No migraines after two weeks:

"The first week really surprised me and I felt the effects very quickly; I'm more 'awake' during the day and the constipation is no longer a problem. In the second week I had 2 migraines and felt a bit disheartened, but I've been alright since."

Several weeks later:

"I haven't had anymore migraines since the second week, and as I have gone a full menstrual cycle this is a really good sign! The past week should have been ruled by constant migraines and headaches but (touch wood!) no sign as of yet!"

10 weeks later:

"The good news is that I haven't had any migraines, which I still can't quite believe and cannot thank you enough. I haven't even had a headache which I can barely believe! I will write to the Queen and tell her you deserve a knighthood! "

Sinus Headaches

William, who had stressful job, had suffered from severe headaches and sinus problems for 30 years. He was regularly getting them several times a week. In an attempt to remedy this, he had a number of operations and tried a wide range of medication, none of which had any lasting or major benefits.

Results after 6 weeks:

"I had forgotten how it felt not to be constantly battling a headache and pain in my sinuses. It's quite remarkable...I am stunned at the results of your program. It was so simple and the results speak themselves, the headaches are completely cleared."




Nick Dale, Naturopath Perth, Morley, Roleystone

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