With winter fast approaching, I am seeing more people in practice with body aches and pains, such as arthritis, backaches or sore muscles. Where you find pain you find inflammation as almost all pain is caused by inflammation in the body.

Many people put the aches and pains they are experiencing down to old age and the cold weather - which typically exacerbate symptoms. However these aches and pains are often telling us that something deeper is happening in the body, with inflammation as the response. Instead of masking the pain with painkillers, isolating the cause and addressing it is often the answer, both to help direct our health into the future and also to relieve symptoms now.


Arthritis is a painful condition which affects mobility and which causes discomfort and pain. There is much that can be done naturally to help ease symptoms, from Glucosamine Sulfate and Fish Oil to homeopathic remedies matched to the specific symptoms a person is experiencing. Additionally, diet can play an important role, which will depend on the individual, but in some cases dairy and tomatoes can contribute to inflammation and make matters worse. Foods that are of the Deadly Nightshade family, which include potatoes, capsicum, paprika, cayenne pepper, chili peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes, can also have a negative impact on arthritic conditions, and generally should be avoided for those with arthritis.


Inflammation and joint pain often occurs in bodies which are too acidic and out of balance. When the body's acid/alkaline balance is out, the body's immune response is compromised and with too much acidity the body doesn't eliminate toxins efficiently, which in itself contributes to inflammation, as well as being at the root potentially of other health problems.

Western diets typically result in too much acidity. Rebalancing acidity in the body is a big topic, but there are some basic principals that can be easily applied. All natural foods contain both acid and alkaline forming elements. In some, acid forming elements dominate, in others alkaline forming elements dominate. The key is to opt for lots of leafy, green vegetables, vegetable juicing, and raw salads, while at the same time avoiding acid forming foods/drinks. These include coffee, alcohol, sugar and white flour, which can be cut out quite easily. Other acid forming foods are animal products, which should only generally be eaten in small portions in balance with vegetables and salads.


There are specific homeopathics which can be applied to conditions associated with aches and pains in the body, which are very effective in helping ease the pain and correcting the condition.

For example Ruta Grav is a useful homeopathic in treating Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and something I have seen great results with in a short space of time, even when people have exhausted many other forms of treatment.

Rhus Tox is a useful general homeopathic for arthritis, and there are many others that can applied more specifically to this condition.

Arnica is ideal for achy, bruised feelings in the body.


TUMERIC - Tumeric has general health benefits and is also a very useful anti-inflammatory.

SILICA CALCIUM FLUORIDE -These minerals are useful for eliminating arthritic spurs and also for tendonitis and injuries.

BIOFLAVONOIDS - Bioflavonoids are anti-inflammatory and beneficial for many conditions made worse by inflammation.

FISH OIL - Using fish oil for inflammatory conditions at the highest recommended doses can be beneficial.

GLUCOSAMINE - This useful anti-inflammatory, particularly useful for arthritis sufferers. It is good to get a Glucosamine product with Chondroitin and MSM for best results.

CREAMS & OILS - There are a number of creams and oils that can be used topically, including Arnica cream and Emu Oil are also excellent.


There is also much that can be applied naturally to assist with recovery from injury, such as whiplash, back pain or even deep cuts and surgical procedures. This often takes the form of homeopathics, and is something I can advise on depending on the individual case.


In some cases manipulative therapy is a useful adjunct to natural remedies, or vice versa. Bowen Therapy is something that I often recommend to my clients experiencing backache for example, as it seems to require the least amount of sessions to bring about results.

If you have any questions about body aches and pains, or your health in general please let me know.

Best wishes,

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