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With all health issues I treat, the goal is to isolate the underlying cause and correct this using natural medicine so that you can enjoy better health and live life more fully.

Looking for change?

Unresolved health issues are a common problem and I often see people in consultation who have struggled to find solutions to common, stubborn health problems.

Using iridology and other natural testing, we can help identify why the problem is arising and from there apply specific natural medicine.

Conditions Treated

NaturopathThere are a number of conditions that I have a special interest in, and treat more often than others, such as those listed below.

The emphasis of naturopathic healing is to treat the body as a whole, which might involve addressing an array of symptoms, some of which most likely will not be listed below. The key is to address the underlying causes and treat the core of the problem.


Here are the typical conditions I treat:

Tiredness, Fatigue & Exhaustion

The most common symptoms people come to see me about are tiredness, fatigue and exhaustion. This has broad affects across a persons health, because it can affect depression, anxiety and lack of motivation. Also, it can contribute to poor digestive function and hormonal imbalance, as well as in itself having a profound affect on quality of life.

Fertility Problems

Other very common complaints that people see me about are fertility trouble, with this often subtle things can be done which have broad affects. I'm often told by clients that they have been diagnosed with 'unexplained infertility' yet there is usually an easily identified reason for the fertility trouble.

Weight Problems

People who find they easily put on weight and difficult to lose is also a very common complaint. Often I find these people are doing the right things with their diet, but because of poor metabolism and other problems, they can't lose weight.

Digestive Issues

Digestive problems, wihether they be stomach, bowel, gallbladder or liver problems are also particularly treated well with natural medicine.

Headaches & Migraines

Headaches and migraines, which are virtually never caused by the head, but other causes within the body are also common for me to treat.


Frequently insomnia, skin problems, such as acne, psoriasis and eczema are also things I treat. Isolating the underlying causes of these is essential.

Anxiety & Depression

Treating anxiety and depression are also very common for me to come accross in a consultation. Treating deficiencies in the body and using natural medicine to help emotional needs can be done often effectively and gently.

Hormonal problems & Menopause

Hormonal imbalances and menopausal hot flushes are also common for me to treat.

For more serious conditions, I do not attempt to take patients off prescribed medication without sending them back to their medical practitioner after a period of treatment and improvement. Life threatening conditions are not treated; and if I suspect a serious problem, I will always recommend consulting a Doctor for medical investigations.

Naturopathy & how it can help

We all stand to gain by improving our lifestyle, our health and our wellbeing.

Each and every person is treated individually, as having their own special and unique requirements. In a consultation with me my goal is to understand your condition fully, from how you are feeling to isolating the underlying cause, so that a holistic health approach can be applied.

Time is spent getting to understand how you feel emotionally, your history and the symptoms you are experiencing.

Depending on your circumstances, I will recommend natural medicine and dietary and lifestly advice to suit you to help bring about good results as soon as possible and with as little inconvenience as possible.

You can reach me by phone for back up and support with any questions you have about your program.

Lack of vitality hampering your life

homeopathicsEvery day I see people who tell me they have been to their doctor and have been told nothing is wrong, but they know in their heart that they are not operating at full steam. Tiredness, mental fatigue, lethargy might be common symptoms of this. Nutritional deficiencies are more often than not the underlying cause, which can often be turned around quickly and easily.

Do you want to try natural medicine that will compliment the care from your doctor?

Naturopathic medicine can work hand-in-hand very nicely with care from your doctor, so that you have all the bases covered for best results.

Are you interested in maintaining your health using alternative medicine?

garlicI see more and more people in practice who have fallen sick at younger and younger ages, which I believe to be a symtom of modern living.

We all deserve to be as healthy as we can be, not only for ourselves, but for our loved ones too.

Directing our health into the future with the aid of a Naturopath is a great gift and something we all deserve.

About Nick DaleNick Dale, Naturopath

Nick Dale has been practicing as a Naturopath in Perth for 20 years and has seen over 20,000 people in consultation.

He uses iridology, nutrition, herbs and homeopathy to treat the underlying causes of health conditions with the goal of lasting results.

He is the author of several handbooks on subjects ranging from fatigue and anxiety to migraines and acne, which can be emailed to those he sees in consultation as complimentary to the appointment.

Previously, he was featured on Channel Seven's Today Tonight show, where several of his Perth clients were interviewed, describing the results of the naturopathic treatment as "I'm like a changed woman" and "remarkable."

He treats clients holistically (ie treating the whole person rather than just the symptoms).

His philosophy includes ensuring his clients understand their situation and then applying an easy-to-follow program with the aim of addressing the cause of the problem.




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"My neighbors will back up the success of this treatment. From someone who never stayed out after 8.30-9.00pm, I have broken all records - partying until 4am. And of more importance is spending more time at night with my son."
- Janine

"This has been the best week I've had in three years. I haven't had any anxiety, no speeding feeling at all. I am so positive and I'm much happier. I have more energy overall." She later wrote back saying, "I have finished the program, I had the best month in years. Completely anxiety free, sleeping well, and very happy."
- Sophie

"So far so good with the migraines! Have had a wonderful summer where I could waterski again with no immediate migraine afterwards. Many thanks, Nick, this has made such a difference to my life. . . I've recently realized I no longer 'live in fear' of suddenly finding I have the aura at a difficult time eg school camp! may this all continue."
- Rob

"I'm nervous and excited at the same time as I think I'm ready to start looking for work again. Thank you for taking the time to help me, you were my last hope and I was really beginning to think there was no answer." - Matthew

"My son has been on your regime for 3 days - he seems far more lively and answers back a lot! He is SO high (in a happy and cheerful way) - have reduced Prozac to 0.6ml. He seems to be rather bouncy - he says he feels happier, especially at school." - Joanne

"This last week I went the entire week without my medication and in fact I have not felt this good in 12 to 15 years. I feel and act that much younger and that is all very much appreciated. - Brian

"I already have more energy & drive, with just three days on the program, than I've had in months ... maybe years!" - Jackie


















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